How SIMpull™ circuit management system works

The Southwire SIMpull Circuit Management System can help make every branch circuit and home run pull safer, easier and more productive.

Plan Your Pull

By providing readily available inventory in predetermined stock configurations, the SIMpull™ Circuit Management System helps reduce your planning cycle and simplifies the ordering process for all of your circuit wire pulls.
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The MAXIS® EMT BENDstation is the latest rough-in solution in the SIMpull Circuit Management System. The conduit bending workstation features a unique dual bending shoe designed for both ½" and ¾" EMT, and can increase your bending speed by 30% on your second bend.

Receiving & Handling (Branch Pull)

The durable, easily stackable, lightweight design of SIMpull® CoilPAK™ payoff cuts a lot of time and effort out of the typical installation setup.

Receiving & Handling (Home Run Pull)

SIMpull BARREL™ wire drums come wrapped on a pallet for easy offloading, with less effort than a wire cart and reels. See for yourself how multiple conductors in a single package—as opposed to multiple packages—make SIMpull BARREL™ wire drums much easier to unload on the jobsite.
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Transporting (Branch Pull)

SIMpull® CoilPAK™ payoffs are designed for easy portability. Each pack weighs under 50 lbs., and the ergonomically designed handle and carrying case make it easier—and safer—to transport throughout the jobsite.

Transporting (Home Run Pull)

When attached to a SIMpull™ BARREL™ Hand Truck, SIMpull BARREL™ wire drums can be easily transported throughout the site—across cords on the floor, over gravel or small debris, and even through a standard 30" doorway. The compact package and handling equipment reduce the effort to transport the material, while also helping reduce damage to walls and doorways.

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Setting up the pull

The SIMpull™ Circuit Management System requires a fraction of the setup time and effort that a wire cart and reels require. In fact, with the addition of the SIMpull® CoilPAK™ payoffs alongside the SIMpull BARREL™ wire drums, circuit wire installations are now completely SPOOL-PROOF™. There's no need to lift and load the wire onto the payoff for the pull, or worry about properly aligning the wire. There's much less packaging material to remove or dispose of. And there's no reaching and bending for wire ends.

SIMpull™ SlikROPE™

Incredibly low coefficient of friction, ultra-low stretch, lightweight and UV resistant.

SIMpull GRIPit™

With up to 7 wires per strip, this reusable pulling head lets you easily attach circuit wire without stripping or taping.

SIMpull™ GUIDEit™

Mounts easily to the panel can and helps guide paralleled conductors into the panel and the conduit.


SIMpull® CoilPAK™ payoffs make installations safer, easier and more productive—whether you pull the wire or push it. Then again, SIMpull CoilPAK payoffs and SIMpull BARREL™ wire drums are the only products in the industry that feature circuit-sized NoLube® SIMpull THHN® wire. And with its unique spool-proof design, the SIMpull CoilPAK payoff only requires you to pull the weight of the wire, not the weight of an entire spool. So it does wonders for your back, as well as your margins.

Clean up & Storage

SIMpull BARREL™ wire drums and SIMpull® CoilPAK™ payoffs reduce wire remnants, and leave you with fewer items to dispose of—no reels, shrink wrap or wire remnants. And because the solutions are designed to reduce material handling, storage is a breeze.