How SIMpull™ feeder management system works

Our complete SIMpull™ Feeder Management System combines the best products and services in the SIMpull Solutions® portfolio to revolutionize how you install feeder wire. We took out the need for prepping, waiting and cleaning to make installations safer, easier and more efficient.

Spec the Job

SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator

Thanks to the SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator, you need just one simple tool to calculate conduit size and fill percentage, pulling tensions, cable sidewall pressure, jam probability, voltage drop, ground wire sizing and so much more. Above all, it clearly demonstrates how the elements of SIMpull Solutions® benefit a job. It's a fast, convenient and accurate way to plan your next pull. Start using Southwire's SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator and stop all the guessing! To get started, simply download the SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator Tool, and enter your data into the purple shaded areas. Yellow shaded areas indicate the ability to alter data, if needed. Take warning if red appears; this indicates you have exceeded your tension or sidewall pressure.

SIMpull Stack™

SIMpull Stack™ Demo

See for yourself how Southwire has reinvented the reel with the SIMpull Stack™ reel. Part of SIMpull Solutions® products and services, the SIMpull Stack™ reel can join four, eight or more pulls together on a single reel.
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SIMpull Head®

SIMpull Head® Sales Sheet

Multiply your savings by combining SIM Technology® products with a factory installed, patent pending SIMpull Head® pulling grip. Download this brochure to learn more.

Maxis™ Grips

Maxis™ Grips

Make up your heads on the jobsite in only seconds with the Maxis™ Grips. A fail safe gripping system used to quickly secure cable to rope without the fear of losing a conductor.
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SIMpull™ Truck

SIMpull™ Truck Brochure

The SIMpull™ Truck eliminates various forms of waste such as excess cost, time and labor, improving productivity and making contractors more competitive. Download this brochure to learn more.

Maxis™ Tools

Maxis™ Trailer Tool Presentation

Innovative time- and labor-saving tools that help you increase profits on every job. Maxis™ offers Cable Pulling, Hole Making, and Material Handling solutions. The difference you've been waiting for!
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